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Syria MAP - Multiplayer


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Hi all


Small open post to have your returns on the Syria map in Multi mode on the stable version of DCS:


Do you have any problems?


Note side (attention I'm not talking about FPS):

- Various Bug (avionics - alarm)

- DCS Plantage

- Server break

- Time out connection


For your missions on Syria, do you use an external script?


Thanks for sharing


I5-4690k 3,9 - 32 gb ram ddr3 - 1080ti

Rift S - hotas Warthog + F-18 stick - Hotas Cougar - MFD Cougar - TPR Tm


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I agree 100% - we (as a community) need find a happy medium between detail and FPS, I upgraded my Graphics card to the new AMD 5700xt 8GB RAM, I have the Ryzen7 processor, and 32 GB of RAM and I am experiencing huge drops in FPS. I am using 2560 x 1440 resolution on a 32" monitor......


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