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FC3 avionics with "new" cockpit possible??


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Hi guys.

I'm new to modding and everything but have read through the "Beginners Guide to DCS Aircraft Mods" and played a little bit with SFM-Data and everything concerning the flightmodel and enginemodel of a Starfightermod to make it fly more like e real starfighter.


The next step would be to change the cockpit from the F15C cockpit to something, that looks a little bit more like a F104 cockpit.

Is it possible to kind of "buy" an animated (non clickable) 3d-Cockpit (say from turbosquid or somewhere) and implement it into the mod but use the FC3 avionics-functionality and remap it to the new cockpit?

e.g. if we stay at the F15C than you could kind of use almost everything (systemwise) in regards of the analog guages and just remap them...


Or does anybody know of a mod, where something like this has already been done? Would be very handy to have an example to kind of lead the way...


CU guys,


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