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Grim reapers vide showed “broadcast target” what and how?

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I get the broadcast SPI, but how do you send a target (red triangle on receiving parties TAD)?

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thanks guys

sorry i thought a target was separate to a SPI

So the process is now;

find a target, make it as a spi then TMS long to broadcast spi

that is covered and understand


what i am trying to do is to have a target that is red show up in my HMS like the video

I am assuming incorrectly that it cant be separate, IE i do not want to broadcast my current spi but to be able to make a target point or current target and broadcast that OR

maybe have Target PTS like Mark points maybe?

What icemaker is saying. Find a target, make it spi, and hook to wingman send ? this will then create a red triangle,

what about your entire group?



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With the red triangle you are actually sending a single target tasking to a specific wingman.

For the entire flight to see a target you need to create your SPI then broadcast it - they will see the 2 tier wedding cake in blue.

You would then get your flight to capture it and make it SPI for themselves.


You would usually designate specific targets to your wingmen individually so they are not all attacking the same target.

If you found a target of opportunity that you wanted everyone to engage then use the SPI broadcast to show where the target is.

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