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Hello togehter.


Does anyone have a AWACS-Script for MOOSE?


I am serching for an AWACS-Script, blue/red, spawning at one point, fly 200 Miles, doing his job, despawn at another point and respawn at the first point, for a 24/7 Map (endless).



Altitude, Radio, Speed, respawn after destruction


I think this is so simple somone wich is a better Scripter than me, has something like that to share?


Thank you very much.



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You want an awacs to spawn, take off, do awacs stuff and land somewhere else?


You don't need scripting for this at all.


The AWACS plane can fly for hours and hours. If you stacked three of them up like this you'd easily cover a full 24 hours of running time.


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99.99% of what you've asked is in the SPAWN command but to make this easy...


awacsgroup = nil -- this holds our awacsgroup if we need it at anypoint.
-- create our spawner.
myawacsspawner = SPAWN:NewWithAlias("myawacsgroup","Overlord"):InitLimit(1,99):InitRepeatOnEngingeShutDown():InitCleanUp(600):InitRadioFrequency(252.00):OnSpawnGroup(function(spawngroup)

awacsgroup = spawngroup  -- store our spawnedgroup into awacsgroup so we can interact with it if ew need to.



You'd need to do a task push to adjust altitude and speed.. and well the moose documentation has more then enough to help you help yourself.. but to explain the above..


your creating a variable called awacsgroup to store the spawned group later in.

then your making a spawner in that spawner your telling it to spawn your template group with an alias in this case Overlord,

Then your saying I want 1 group active at anytime and a maximum of 99 groups allowed to spawn during the mission run on destruction etc.

Then telling the script to automatically repeat the spawn when the aircraft lands and shuts down its engines.

Also clean up the spawn if it's idle/unable to do anything for 10 minutes.

Set the Radio Freqency to 252.00 Mhz.

When the group spawns, capture that and run the function, where spawngroup is assigned to awacsgroup. This is also where i'd do the task push if i was doing it.. but i'm not writing all the code, because helping ones self = best way to learn.. or asking on the discord ;)

Finally schedule a spawn attempt every 5 minutes (300 seconds) with no randomization.


What you should see is at 5 minutes a awacs load in, fly the planned route, land shut down, despawn and another start back at the start point.. IF the AWACS is shot down, 5 minutes later it should respawn in up to 99 times.


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