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Slightly stuttering when looking around with headtracker since the latest update

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Hi Jim,


thanks for the hint, but Enhanced sync on or off doesn't make any difference (I already tested it and tested it again now). I am using Enhanced sync for a long time and never had problems with it in DCS. I am experiencing the described slightly stuttering during head moving only since the DCS Open Beta update.


Best regards,


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Well I won't create a new topic since it looks like I'm not the only one having sluttering issues (not microsluttering in my case though). I run the game with very good and steady FPS  (around 60) but each 10-15 sec I got a good 20 fps drop for 0.5 second freezing the image.

I tried pretty much everything (fullscreen mode, lowering settings, disabling hot plugs device, Freesynch on / off, V synch on / off, switching to Studio dirvers (Nvidia) but nothing solved the problem...no matter which plane I use I got those nasty slutters and the gaming experience is far form enjoyable...


DCS is installed on a SSD hard drive, got 32 gb ram, RTX2060 and AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. Using head tracking.


It's the only game where I experience slutters.


I didn't had those slutters when I started playing DCS a year back but stopped to play for 4-5 months and upgraded my PC in the meanwhile and when I came back sluttering was quite obvious...


Would love to find a fix because I'm about to put the game on the shelf ...

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 the latest graphics driver has bugs in vr. stuttering and frame loss. no idea whether this also occurs on the flat monitor. I read that you should install the 446.11 .. only works with the 2000 rtx series. owners of the 3000 rtx still have to wait.

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Hi Guys,

Just to add I have the very same problem, my comp specs are high...

 Ryzen 3600 @ 4.5

32gb DDR4 3200 C16


1tb nvme drive

Running DCS Beta with very latest Win 10. On a 4k flatscreen @ 60fps vsync with Track IR5. 

When I installed my 2080ti in Sept 2020 the game ran butter smooth. My problem now is like a sudden pause or stutter. Turning settings down to low makes no difference. GPU Schedule on or off makes no difference. I think my problems started after the last update. I was using the latest drivers 460.89, rolled back to August 2020 452.06. Still no difference.


Just an edit after testing, its not 100% gone but much much better.

Things I changed that didn't work,

Using DCS beta or stable

Change NV drivers

Roll back Win 10 updates

Reinstall Win 10 updates

GPU Schedule on/off

Game Mode on/off

Delete shader folders.

This made a big difference, "Set to run as Admin" and "Disable full screen optimisations"

The thing is I had those option set in the properties if the DCS application anyway, I always have. Sometime since November something reset those option which is why I never checked them. Could have been DCS, Windows or NV drivers, who knows. GPU clock usage dropped too.

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Same problem with TrackIR 5 after lady update.

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Thanks for the tip Flappie.

Problem is I already have that setup, Ive been building computers to fly flight sims since 2000. I dont claim to be a Windows systems expert by any means. However the usual fixes for a flight sim stutter problem are not working this time. The only thing that reduced it by about 50% is the "full screen optimisation disabled" option.

I am stumped on this one. After a month trying fixes I got so fed up I didn't fire up DCS for a couple of weeks when I usually find and hour or two a day. I happens regardless of settings high/low. Or the scenario, ie on the Supercarrier in PG or flying high and checking six. Its more of a sudden single pause than a stutter.

Thanks again for the thought though mate.

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7 hours ago, Flappie said:

@Bossco82Please add these folders as exceptions in your antivirus:

  • C:\Users\your-name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta
  • C:\Users\your-name\Saved Games\DCS
  • \DCS World OpenBeta\
  • \DCS World\

Since running DCS as Administrator made things better probably means your antivirus bothers DCS.

How do you do that with Microsoft Defender?

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Hi MileHi,

Go into defender and under the virus settings there is an option for exclusions. Just click add then point it to the programs installation folder and saved game folder. Sorry I can't be more specific but I'm not at my PC. It does help improve DCS performance. 

Let me know if you need more details.

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Hi Flappie,

Thanks again mate, no nothing like that mate. I dont have any custom profiles for any games I use. I sometime run with afterburner on to check usage and framerate. Ive done that for ages and never had a problem before. I am running resource monitor today to see if I can spot any usage spikes in the background. 

I actually have very little software installed on my machine as its a gaming rig. I have always tried to keep my gaming machines OS as clean as possible. The other thing I am trying today is to roll back to an older NV driver, probably back to 446 maybe. I cant help but suspect this change came when the NV driver were adapted to the 3000 cards and I have a 2080ti. 

The other thing thats worth mentioning is its not a throttling problem my system runs very cool and my cpu or gpu rarely hit their maximum clocks.



I'm pretty happy I have solved my problems by going back to August NV drivers. I checked resource monitor and Corsair ICue had updated and was starting on startup again, for some reason it was causing a problem. I blame ICue on my sudden pauses. I blame the NV drivers on my look around Track IR stutter or loss of smoothness. The only place I still have it is my F-16C, looking around the cockpit is quite laggy. My Tomcat and Hornet are super smooth again.


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I played around with different settings to get rid of the stutters, and the outcome was quite surprising...

I am running a medium ranged system with a GTX 1070 and 4 core CPU overclocked to 4.6 GHz. Still I prefer to run DCS in 4K on my 55 inch TV screen since I love the immersion it gives.

I have always been running DCS (and X-Plane 11) at 30 Hz, since constant 60 Hz is not achievable with decent graphic settings, and 30 Hz - if you get used to it - is working mostly really well with any flight simulation (of course not with action games..). Using a GSYNC Monitor is not an option when you have Track IR.


So, I ended with the following settings:

- Windows Game Mode: off

- Full screen optimization: disabled for the .exe file

- VSYNC and full screen mode: disabled in DCS

- NVIDIA inspector settings: VSYNC with 1/2 refresh rate enabled (the TV runs at 60 Hz)

- RTSS: frame rate locked to 29.98

- UHD colors activated on the TV (my TV does not have HDR, unfortunately)


Within DCS, I have set all settings to HIGH. Wenn I start my flight, I press "ALT + ENTER" to get into full screen mode, and from now on I have a really good performance, no stutters, excellent look and feel...even on the Supercarrier which did not work really well before I made these changes. Again, 30 Hz refresh rate is not for everyone, but believe me, you get used to it after a couple of hours. The investments needed to get solid 60 Hz is not worth for me at the moment (crazy prices for decent graphic cards...)




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