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possible management problem or bug with shadows quality / RIFT S


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Hi all,


1. congratulations ED Team (!!!!!!!!) for last OB patch 04/11, i switched from 7fps (3+4 :) ) before the patch

to constant 40 in Syria northern city with 10 AI flying around, max details setting and PD 1.6... another game, another world, clearly next gen now. My life is over. THX!


2. I noticed a strange thing with shadows for all previous versions of DCS and this one as well.

during close formation flying, in the center of FOV in the RIFT S, shadows are downgraded quality untill i reach around 20 meters from the leading aircraft. It seems to be normal.

closer, shadow quality becomes very high and sharp (when in place in CF). You can see clearly this shadows drawing up on the aircraft, as you close up.

BUT: in the edge of FOV (10° around) shadows quality are very high at higher range. They get very accurate at 30 meters whereas in the "conscious area/ big middle of FOV" it's very blurry.


perhaps is there an inverted calculation of shadow quality? and perhaps getting the opposite would be the aim of initial intents of programers?


here the video, but very hard to spot with my phone because it affects only the edge of FOV:




it's mostly visible after 00:30 the shadows quality follow the outer edge of lenses.

it affects also shadows on ground. It does not happen to mirror view on main screen.


anyone seeing the same thing?




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Hi Flappie, it happens with any projected shadow, just tried with setting Low and Medium as well.

it's very visible on aircraft but does also affect any ground object shadow, they are very sharp at the edge of helmet.


seems to have this high quality layer which is calculated but not displayed with a kind of mask at a certain range. (around 20 meters for aircraft, 500ft for ground objects).


shadows are set at "default"


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