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ED F-16C Cockpit use

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Dear All,


I have ED F-16C Viper Module, and I would to know if it exist a way to use (for personal use of course) the ED F-16C Viper Cockpit for my own mod ?

I downloaded VSN F-16C and I would like to use for myself, original ED F-16 Cockpit. I tried to copy different files from DCS (Open beta) F-16C path and modify entry.lua and others (I added bin F16C.dll in VSN), either i had a strange result in flight or VSN F16 become non player. Maybe in entry.lua I need to know the good index ({nil, old =6} , 6 for F-15 FC3 and x for F-16) ? I precise, for the moment i don't need to have clickable functionality.


if you have any idear or tips, thanks by advance


best regards

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Dear Irq11,


This is not a good idea.

1.)First of all, even you have bought the module, you have no permission from ED to use that cockpit. It is against ED Terms of Service. Reference: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/legal/terms_of_service.php Under the Intellectual Property Rights section, second paragraph.

2.) Although reasson n1 is enough, you may not try this because you could alter the F-16C module, making it unflyable.

3.) It will probably break Integrity Check, this means you would not have access to many of the multiplayer servers.

Finally, I suggest you don´t alter the ED files if you don´t want to have legal issues.


Kind Regards, Gonzalo de Santa Ana.

12-11-2020(European way of writting Dates)


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