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[NEED TRACK REPLAY]Cannot track moving target

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Point track depends on the angular size of the target. You might be too far or the object too small. Also try different CCD/IIR options as it might work better in different spectra. Zoom in to narrow and/or different levels of zoom. Once you get good tracking then simply setting TGP as SPI generator and slaving missile to SPI should work as normal.

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I’m going bonkers trying to track a moving target with my pod then setting as spi for mavs to slave to.


try as a might left ctrl up simply will not lock.


has something changed here that I have missed?


1. TGP SOI with appropriate distance to target, with appropriate FOV/zoom and appropriate image display (WHOT/BHOT/CCD) to provide with ample contrast(s)

2. TMS forward short to select point track

3. TMS forward long to create SPI



Never used keyboard binds, so might be worth double checking your key binds in case something has been reset/changed/double bound with the new update....






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If you have a track replay please attach it, track is working fine for me




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