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MOOSE Arty function help

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Ok here goes trying to explain my predicament. ARTY has the ability to use text from the F10 map to create a fire solution for artillery units. I am looking to adapt the script to create something new to do with the entering of script in he F10 menu. So far I have managed to decipher the script to the point of pulling what I want but I am stuck.


In the moose lua file at line 76036 or thereabouts is this


local = assignments {} --this creates a table called assignments--


assignments.engage = false

assignments.battery = {} --another table--

assignments.loadsofotherstuff = tables and false entries


In my head (not ever done any scripting before) this means there is a table called assignments with data inside like so [1] assignments.engage boolean result [2] assignments.battery table [3] assignments.loadsofotherstuff either tables or boolean


After loads of scripting mainly taken from moose lua the script ends with


return assignments



So in my script I then try to do a function like this


if assignments.engage = true then

do something


I get an error in the log which says


expecting <'name'> after if


What am I missing? Is it the fact that the assignments.engage is actually under a name of engage as the assignments. bit doesnt count or is it something completely different?


You help is greatly appreciated in educating me on my errors


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That error is probably because you did not put two equal signs in the if clause.

if assignments.engage == true then
do something

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