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Simultanous shooting with gun and cannon

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Hi all!


Some time ago I had no problem with simultanous shooting with 13-mm gun and 30-mm cannon. I have two triggers assigned for both actions.


But recently I've noticed that at a time only one of the triggers work. So I can shoot from either gun, or cannon, not all together.

Has some logic of the controls changed? B.t.w. same situation is with Spitfire, though in the Spit I can assign "fire guns+cannons" in controls.


This may be not related to Bf.109 specifically, but to general DCS controls. I've also noticed that when pressing push-talk button (for SRS) my axes controls don't work either. So I can't speak and maneuver at a time.

Is there a fix for that?




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Never been a problem for me, I have a 2-stage trigger. Pulling to the first click fires the slug guns only, pulling all the way fires the guns and cannon together.




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