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Please help diagnose this CPU stutter.

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This graph continues indefinitely - those single frame spikes to 30ms happen almost on a clock. I have diagnosed external processes extensively, and I watch Process Lasso like a hawk as the stutters happen and can't find anything that may be causing it. I have also relegated all processes related to VR to cores 4-7, and DCS to cores 0-3. Didn't help.


I also reinstalled Windows completely to try to fix this, and the exact same stutter occurs again, with literally only DCS and drivers installed. I have no idea where to turn now. It's really frustrating that it runs completely fine at 5ms until the frame where it stutters.





i7-9700K, 32GB 3200MHz, 2080 Ti.

FPSVr screenshot below. GPU frametimes are solid during the spikes, only CPU.


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