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La-7...pls tell us that it will be for DCS!

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On 2/17/2021 at 6:16 AM, upyr1 said:

I posted about the Fulda Gap here 

 I figure since the Fulda Gap was seen as a potential World War III battle field since the start of the Cold War the ideal situation for the Fulda Gap would be to have differnt versions of the map based on the mission's start date.  Since the LA-7 was retired in 1952 it would be a good one for any early cold war scenario.  I really think we need at least some Soviet World War II assets. I figure if I were to make an asset pack I would really focus on the early cold war era. Right now in  the Stalinist era  the BluFor is quite well represented thanks to the World War II asset pack, four planes (spitfire, F-51, F-47 and F-86) while the RedFor only has lend lease left overs and the MiG-15. Then when we get into the Eisenhower/ Khurshev era we have the MiG-19 and there isn't a good bluefor adversary 


I would rather have an Eastern Baltic map to be honest.

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