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Request for scripting APIs to be implemented to enhance OverlordBot functionality.

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I am the developer of OverlordBot, a voice controlled AWACS and ATC bot used on a number of multiplayer servers ( More info: https://gitlab.com/overlord-bot/srs-bot/-/wikis/home ).


In order to provide more requested features for pilots I am asking ED to implement the following APIs in the mission scripting environment so that they can be called by the bot, they will also be useful to other scripters. Obviously the exact call semantics are up to ED as long as they fulfil the desired goal.



Players have requested that the bot supports declare calls, currently this is not really possible because the bot does not know what the player's radar is looking at. An attempt was made ( https://gitlab.com/overlord-bot/srs-bot/-/issues/15 ) whereby players would have to specify bearing and distance but this was not reliable enough. This also opens up the ability for the AWACS to be smarter about who is targetting what and provide more SA.

Unit.getRadarTarget() -- returns a table {object = object} of whatever the units's radar has bugged or STT locked. 


Note that the above code is specific to OverlordBot's needs. Grimes has a similar request (listed below) that is a superset of functionality that, if implemented, would also work.

Unit.getSPI() -- returns a table {point = vec3, object = object} of whatever teh radar or TGP is focused on



In order to enable the bot to provide better ATC functions to players, especially at night, the following APIs are requested.

Airbase.getRunways() -- returns a list of runways at a base. {id = {headingNumber, length, actualHeading, shape, active = boolean}} -- Ideally ILS information as well if ILS is present
Airbase.getActiveRunways() -- returns the data as above entry but only for the active runways
Airbase.setTaxiwayLights(true/false) -- true to turn the lights on, false to turn them off
Airbase.setRunwayLights(id, true/false) -- true to turn the lights on, false to turn them off

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Not only as a server hoster having the great OverlordBot in use, but also as a player, I would welcome this API extension.

Also regarding the youtube interviews with the community this year, I think I can remember API requests where a point

and that API requests like this are welcomed at ED - so here we are :3


PS: rurounijones is one of the most helpful, warm and friendly people I have met on the net and for me a symbol of what a great community DCS players are.

Also because of this I hope that this positive karma comes back to him by fulfilling this API wish.


snowy alpine greetings,


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+1 to those requests. Especially to that for the runway data.

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would also love to see these api items added as one of the servers that uses Overlordbot a LOT.

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+1 to the request

It (Overlordbot) adds another, not yet existing Level of immersion.

(and for all the comming replies "its just like Voice attack" - you havent been there yet ;) )


There are two types of fighter pilots - those who have, and those who will execute a magnificent break turn towards a bug on the canopy . . . .





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Yeah...overlord is a gremod...

Please help improving it

Vincent "Virus" 

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Another +1 for this!


@BIGNEWY y - just wondering if you could please advise if this thread has been seen and considered when convenient?


(I know ED have got a lot on, but it'd be nice to know if these thoughts/requests are at least running by the eyes of someone at ED for consideration at some time in the future and not just left here unseen on the web). :-)


Additionally, I'm not sure if you've played on a server with OverlordBot or not - but it really enhances the game significantly and adds to the immersion. it's fantastic to have such a tool available for DCS with an author willing to give it away for free I think it'd be worth supporting this 3rd party developer if it's possible to achieve). :thumbup:

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Ok, and while we're wishing...


getCockpitParam() and it's mirror, setCockpitParam - the lua analog' to X:COCKPIT PARAM EQUAL TO and such.


I'm getting it (single-player, player-to-AI communications that is more 'real') to work but, without going outside DCS, this part is ugly, and by necessity, restrictive.


PS: If anyone's found a way to see what frequency the player's radio(s) are tuned to, via lua, I'm all ears. And thankful ahead of time.


And yes to all the other stuff mentioned here. 

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Posted (edited)

@jross194 Thanks for the support bu please create a separate topic for your requests.


It is hard enough to get ED to do anything in this area without this, very specifically scoped, topic devolving into a free-for-all wishlist and discussion on off-topic subjects.

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+1 ED I just installed this on my server and it is amazing!


It adds so much to the game and does a much better job than the built in tech(no offence).  SRS + OverlordBot have really improved our immersion which is half the fun in a simulator.  Please support this dev. 

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