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I want to do SEAD missions with ARTYand CAS, but I have no info about the ARTY.


I can set targets and it shows me a MAXORD, but I dont know when the arty start to shoot and how long the round will stay in the air - which would be very handy for the deconfliction with an aircraft, in order to surpress an air defence system.


So in short:


- is it possible to receive a TIME OF FLIGHT prior to the execution?

- an exact time of the first round out (SHOT OUT)?


thanks RB

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Hi Rich, how comfortable are you with writing code?


While I don't think there would be an easy way to calculate ToF without some major legwork, a simple event handler will be able to detect the shot from that specific unit. As a workaround, if unit positions in the mission are fixed, you could simply do a test run to calculate ToF for your rounds.


The attacks can be triggered via the mission editor GUI by using the group's "Triggered Actions" tab combined with an AI TASK PUSH trigger

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I had something handy that was 90% of the way there from another recent thread, so here you go! Replace "ArtilleryUnitName" with whatever the name of the individual artillery gun in your mission's name is.

Run that code in a DO SCRIPT container at mission start. When the gun fires for the first time, flag 1 will turn on. You can then use the FLAG IS TRUE (1) condition in the regular mission editor interface to trigger your dialogue. :thumbup:


ArtyShotHandler = {} 
[indent]function ArtyShotHandler:onEvent(event)[/indent]

 [indent=2]if event.id == world.event.S_EVENT_SHOT and event.initiator:getName() == ArtilleryUnitName then[/indent]
 [indent=2]trigger.action.setUserFlag('1', true)[/indent]



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