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[ALREADY REPORTED]Mystery Steerpoint 300+nm Away Overriding Existing Steerpoint

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Hi all

I've just flown a mission where I practised AAR and Mavericks on moving targets. I was returning to base when I found that the steerpoint I was navigating to, STPT 3, was, on the HUD only, shown to be over 300nm away from the actual steerpoint position. The actual steerpoint was a "Landing" point from the mission editor set to Kutaisi. This correct location was shown both on the DED STPT menu display and the HSD display on the MFD, but the autopilot steering and HUD director was showing it 300+ miles away from where I actually was.


Before I noticed this I was using H and K mavericks in VIS mode, so it could be something to do with this, but I'm not sure. The active steerpoint on the HSD was shown correctly, but the HUD wanted to take me somewhere else.


I have attached a screenshot to show this, I saved a track too but it was a 45 minute long mission and I don't know how to trim it down so you don't have to watch through all 40 minutes leading up to this point. If there is a way to trim it down I will happily attach the track file too.


I will investigate this further tomorrow when I have more time.






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Probably Maverick in VIS mode.

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