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[REPORTED]Datalink in the Hornet only works in the day, not at night(SP Nevada)

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Searched the forum but could not find another thread where ED has tagged this as a bug.

I found one for the same issue but for multiplayer that ED said that track was needed.

This is for singleplayer, Nevada map, no mods, stable version.

The datalink does not work at night time since last update for the stable version.

See attached files.






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To avoid not meeting criteria for this to be treated as valid bug report, here are my system specs even if they obviously in this case is just formalia:


Gigabyte z390 gaming motherboard

32 GB RAM (Corsair, dont remember the model)

MSI GTX 1080 Graphics card

Intel i5 9600K CPU

Hotas Warthog

Oculus Rift S

Saitek Pro flight rudder pedals

DCS and Windows on SSDs, dont remember the brands


Please tell me if I missed some other formalia for this to be a valid bug report.

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