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No Missile Launch Warning when FOX3 shoot with STT

Papa Saubär

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Hello gentlemen,


with frightened we had to find out that the F-16C and F/A-18C have a (RWR) STT/Missile Launch Warning problem.


Once an AIM-120 was fired from an F-16C/F-18C at any A/C (F-14, F-16, F/A-18C) using STT. If the target receives only the SPIKED warning from STT, but no Missile Launch Warning indicating that the PRF from the A/C radar has changed, any RWR should indicate this. If the missile is 8 NM away from the target, the target will get the PITBULL warning as usual.


This bug eliminates the need to use TWS/SAM mode against single targets.


Due to SATAL and other PvP events, please fix this bug quickly.


Thanks a lot!




F-16C vs F-16C, both fire a FOX3 with STT at 20 NM, and get the Missile Launch Warning/Pitbull definitly too late.


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This is correct as far as I know. Even when launched in STT the AMRAAM is an active missile and is not guided by PDI or CWI. There is no PRF shift that I'm aware of for the target to detect, just transmission of datalink guidance signals as usual for an AMRAAM launch.


You are correct, there isn't much point in using TWS against a single target other than not spiking the target. STT is the preferred way of engaging single contacts because of the higher datalink refresh rate.

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Yah, it would be sensible for datalink transmission in an STT scenario to trigger a launch warning, but that's speculative. Anyone who actually knows how or when datalink transmissions trigger a launch alert won't talk about it on the internet. With the lack of specific information, ED seems to have made the decision to never consider datalink transmission sufficient to trigger a launch warning.

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In principle you are right about the AMRAAM, but also this transmission of datalink guidance (from STT) can be detected by an RWR.


That is why this Missile Launch Detection is available in the form of a warning.


But then you wouldn't know whom he is shooting it at.


It's broken. STT and SAM both are. There is no reason why SAM wouldn't give you a spike either, yet it doesn't ..

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Ive noticed the above as well, you get a launch warning a split second before the missile warning. Im pretty sure ive gotten this in TWS as well, and in other jets like the Mirage and Flanker. Appears to be an general RWR bug, not F-16/18 specific. Its probably best reported in a dedicated thread + a trackfile. BTW its less that ED says the datalink gives no warning, and more that we just dont know. TWS gives datalink. Should it give RWR warnings? How do you best deal with targets in close enough formation for the datalink signal to give warnings to all of them? Without knowing the specifics of how an individual RWR works (which you will not find), its probably best to just assume no warning is given.

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My entire post, which neatly summarized the problem again, was deleted instead of editing/censoring it.


Therefore I will stop my support for ED from now on. I would like to explain this again, but for the reasons mentioned I will not do so anymore.


Your post was deleted for a 1.15 violation, please be aware of the rules when posting. If you ever have a query please PM us directly






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