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Axis to buttons not working

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I have a brand new WarBRD + Constellation Alpha grip.


I am trying to define buttons from analog axis on the ministick.


For this, in the VPC configuration tool, I go to the Axis menu, I check my ministick axis, they are # 3 and 4, named rX and rY, and respond well to movements on the full 0-100% range, centering around 50%. I double click on either axis, and tick a "Axis to button" checkbox, for instance 41-60% (button pressed around center). Click save and do the same for the other axis.

Then I go to Button menu. On the lower right window, I get the message:


Physical buttons map:

[1-32] VPC-ALPHA (Port 5, Btn.Bytes 4)

[33] Axis to button (rY range 41-60%)

[34] Axis to button (rX range 61-80%)


So far so good.


Now I define two logic buttons. Logical buttons 33 and 34 are unused on the above window, so I map them to the physical buttons 33 and 34. I let other parameters to default. Now they show up in the button mapping list. I click "SAVE VPC DEVICE" and everything is sent to the stick.


This does not work : I can't get any button signal when moving the ministick across the boundaries.


Now, if I create an axis to button mapping with the "global" method (the one which lets you create a maximum of 4 buttons globally, with custom ranges) on any axis, the ones defined previously magically work.


Is this a software bug?





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Another issue, I have tried detecting when axis are close to the limit.


So I have set the 4 global axis to button settings to X and Y axis, 0-5% and 95-100% ranges, all on button 33.


When testing, the button is only triggered when Y is 95-100%, it seems only the last setting is working.

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