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[W.I.P]CMS Switch not as documented

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Not sure if this gets filed as a bug or as a Documentation Error...


On Pg 91 of the A-10C manual, the updated HOTAS HotSheet has been added, the compressed version of the old one. However, it's contents, specifically in regard to the CMS Switch are not accurate.


There doesn't seem to be a LONG/SHORT mode for any of the CMS Switch Positions, only the Short Mode.

As far as I can tell...


CMS FWD - Start Program

CMS AFT - Stop Program

CMS Left - Prev Program

CMS Right - Next Program

CMS Z (Depress) - Activate ECM (Jammer)


No idea where these other functions listed would be. i.e. 1 Flare/Chaff 6 Flare/Chaff

They do not appear to be functional.

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