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Water based sling load objects

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Hey guys, does a mod exist for DCS where I can pick up objects via slingloading from the water? I'd like to create a naval SAR mission to pick up stranded sailors from a sinking boat out to sea, but as far as I can tell the only objects I can sling load are placeable on the ground only.


Thanks in advance for any advice :)

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thats a cool idea Spooky... i like the idea of a spawnable pilot in liferaft that can be rescued. The medevac script is fun for sure but there is something to be said for proper visuals in a sim. rescuing seamen/pilots or relocating/dropping dipping sonars or sonobuoys would be fun indeed....


... now i want a MH60

""This was not in the Manual I did not read", cried the Noob" - BMBM, WWIIOL

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