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I posted this in Raven One, didn't get any responses. Not sure if this is what was meant by the thread about FLIR being investigated but here's my problem.

This "issue" has now come up enough times that it warrants a thread.


I am just starting to master inputting coordinates thanks to all of you, so I could be wrong. My TPOD gets drunk. Today I put in the coordinates in Mission 9 for the first armor target. To my surprise I actually got ta picture in the DDI of the tank when inputting the coordinates directly (no decimal conversion). I inputted coordinates to a waypoint then hit waypoint designate. The TPOD was off a little off by 10-20 feet but it was close enough to possibly hit.



When I look in the HUD the Diamond is nowhere near the image on the DDI. The HUD shows the Diamond in the Ocean. The bomb fall line is several notches to the left of the diamond. They do not line up. I have had this issue on other Raven 1 Missions, also when manually scrolling the diamond. For instance in another scenario, I was trying to use the HUD diamond to scroll a target and the DDI camera image was practically on another planet.


I have crude pictures taken in VR. If you notice the diamond in the HUD is pointed at the armor and the runway, but the image in the DDI shows dirt. The camera direction is several angles "lower" than the diamond on the HUD.560980395_Screenshot(724).thumb.png.0a36d8412614adf7b3ce98f62f796913.png




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One other thought: did you enter a waypoint elevation as well as coordinates? I've seen the pod do weird things like that with no elevation entered.... if you just waypoint designate without specifically setting an elevation, the pod seems to use your waypoint elevation, which is usually thousands of feet in the air. Conversely, if you just enter an elevation of zero, you're probably looking below ground. You need the the MSL elevation of the ground where you want to look.


You probably already know this. Took me a bit to figure it out lol.

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In the first picture I can just make out the P/INS advisory on your left DDI. Your INS is not being corrected by GPS, and is drifting, put the INS switch to IFA as Swift mentioned, and it should work fine.

REAPER 51 | Tholozor

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