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Taxiway B Nevada Scenery (Appears Pink) in VR

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FYI: saw a few issues today in the latest DCS World (OB) v2.55.6.55960 (Nvidia GeForce 456.71 / HTC Vive Pro):

  • Nevada Scenery:-
    - Taxiway B signs at airports appears to be the color pink instead of yellow (background)/black (lettering and borders) in VR.
    - Not sure that I saw taxiway and runway centerline markings either.
  • F/A-18c :-
    - from within VC Cockpit, while at night time with NVG Lights on, the green lights appear to be bleeding outside of the Cockpit onto the edge leading extensions; as viewed from within the cockpit (F1) view.
    - Taxi light is way way to bright (almost like Neon Car Headlight in "Bright's" mode).



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