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Campaign question - general.

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How forgiving are the campaigns?


Example, I bought one for F15, and it's super touchy IMO.

I'm not the best pilot, but I find that instructions are shown to the user ONCE, and if you're busy and don't read it, you're screwed.


And then I find you have to hit certain points in space at certain times or the mission gets messed up.


Are BC campaigns a little more forgiving? How's everyone finding them?

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Most messages remain on the screen and you have to press space bar to close out the message. There is also kneeboard information, which is on your in game kneeboard, or you can find them in the /docs folders of each campaign. I can’t speak for every one but at least TEW and Raven One is like that. I will say that Baltic Dragon campaigns are like story based ways to learn the aircraft. However they are not for a complete new person to an airframe. They may be a little challenge if you’re new.

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