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Hey folks,


Had a little difficulty spotting the very first talk on in Mission 9. It probably has do with the fact that I am using VR and my in game eyeballs don't work as good as real life. Trying to find the 7 story building marked by an x intersection. I don't see the building nor a clearly defined x intersection. I started going low but got shotdown. I even ejected and walked the island but could not find a 7 story building



Wanna Talk on a talk on?



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Red is the cross road. Blue is the building you are looking for. Orange is to the jetty with the ships. To help orientate you the solo top right in the FLIR is between the building and the jetty. a989ebe5377e584747241f2a1ae6f142.jpgd143fca50d8450b90696b70b17c215b8.jpg


This was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Lightening!!!!!

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