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HDR/Bloom lighting mod

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A big hello to the Lomac community, I've not been flying for a while as I've been spending what little time I have on rFactor and Live for Speed, which has led me to a pretty cool discovery.


Someone recently found that a Directx modification for Grand theft Auto made by a rather clever chap named Boris Vorontsov also works in rFactor, GTR2 and Richard burns. I noticed there was a directx8 version of the mod so I tried it in Live for Speed and it worked, then it struck me that Lockon was also DX8 so I tried it and it only bloody worked in Lomac too didn't it. :megalol:



Now I've not been messing too deeply with the Bloom settings in LO and the screens you see are just quick snapshots using the same config that I use for rFactor so the effect is extremely oversaturated in some areas but the good thing is that the mod is heavily tweakable so people can work with it and share their findings.


Theres also a reflection mod included which I disabled in the .ini file but it works too, it just needs tweaked properly which I don't have the time to do right now but it does make the planes give off reflections and it was pretty cool.


A water mod is also in there as well but again I've not devled too deeply but knowing the Flight sim community just like the Driving sim community are a picky and rather resourceful bunch I'm sure you'll either hate it if have fun configuring it to suit your taste.



To activate the mod just take the files named enbseries.ini and d3d8.dll from the zip file I attached and put it into your main Lockon directory. A few things to note, 1st up is my lomac flaming cliffs installation isn't working as I reinstalled windows and my disk is buggered so I've only tried this in lomac 1.0 but surely it will work in FC too, and 2nd is that no matter what resolution I set in lockon it always goes to 1024x786 when using the mod, it could be my lomac config thats warped as it was just a quick install and test.



The file named enbseries.ini is the config file that controls all the effects and there are quite a few parameters that are adjustable but thankfully theres a readme that explains what each one does.




Here's the files and some screens along with a link to the original creators website, he's got a guestbook so if it adds something to your LO enjoyment drop him a line saying thanks.


Have fun tweaking and enjoy.






























OH NoeZ nucular bombs :D







Lock On HDR.rar

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I managed to get my flaming cliffs install up and running and it's just too damn nice, My resolution problem is gone in FC. Still haven't even got my stick set up, I've been getting chauffeured around on Auto pilot taking in the sights with TIR... Needless to say the stick will be coming back into action tomorrow :D


Just for reference you can switch the mod on and off in sim by holding shift+backspace so you can see the difference. I don't think any of the other mods work that are included with this such as the water shader and the reflection mod and ambient occlusion as I think they're DX9 specific, not 100% on that yet though.

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Does this mod introduce REAL HDR or just bloom?

I would very much like to get my hands on a true HDR mod

for lomac :)

S = SPARSE(m,n) abbreviates SPARSE([],[],[],m,n,0). This generates the ultimate sparse matrix, an m-by-n all zero matrix. - Matlab help on 'sparse'

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I'm not sure..





Looking at these, nr 1 has a lower sun(or maybe program disabled), so the eye exposure is less, contrast

ratio within the cockpit itself become clearer.

Nr 2 The contrast ratios within the cockpit get less pronounced since

the sun is higher(or mod is turned on), and saturates the viewer more.


These are signs of HDR i believe. Very similar to the implementation

when half life 2 lost coast was first showed off.






shows a similar effect. In my eyes it very much looks like HDR. Look

at how the plane's dark side becomes even darker...I will try this after tonight's

TCL game. Thanks for the find!!!


HDR or not it does look darn nice.

S = SPARSE(m,n) abbreviates SPARSE([],[],[],m,n,0). This generates the ultimate sparse matrix, an m-by-n all zero matrix. - Matlab help on 'sparse'

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WOW! that is amazing! Gimme Gimme :D


works with 1280x1024 for me :D heres some of my screens cant wait to get to tweaking! there are so many diff stuff to tweak! heres some of mine with just the default. and its so easy to use O.o








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What is your verdict on this mod guys, Is it worth downloading? The problem with the hangars, does it affect the outside?

To whom it may concern,

I am an idiot, unfortunately for the world, I have a internet connection and a fondness for beer....apologies for that.

Thank you for you patience.



Many people don't want the truth, they want constant reassurance that whatever misconception/fallacies they believe in are true..

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The problem with the Hangars can be resolved by setting the plugin so that it doesn't startup by default, then once you are out the hangar press Shift+backspace and it will kick in.


Just change this line in the enbseries.ini





change it to





Then as soon as you're out the Hangar hit shift+backspace.

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