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JSFG Recruiting A-10C II & F/A-18C pilots

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JSFG is open for recruitment for the A-10C II under the 107th FS “Red Devils”, and the F/A-18C Hornet under VFA-82 Marauders. We will later open recruitment for the F-16C when that module is more complete.



JSFG is a “Quality Over Quantity” group of highly proficient sim pilots, most of whom are pilots in the real world as well. We focus on realistic procedures, but we do not consider ourselves “milsim” - we have too much of a sense of humor to take ourselves that seriously.


VFA-82 "Marauders" operates the DCS F/A-18C module. We are a multirole squadron performing air-to-air, air-to-ground, strike, SEAD, etc., basically everything the Hornet is meant to do. We train for large scale operations with an emphasis on realistic procedures and tactics.


107th FS "Red Devils" operates the DCS A-10C II module. This group is in the establishment phase, but is built off the framework of success from VFA-82 in terms of qualification and training. In this squadron, you will learn to utilize this highly effective CAS platform to its fullest extent.


We have a dedicated server with the capability of running multiple scenarios, with new ones each week thanks to in-house mission production. We run SRS on our server for in-flight voice communication. Official flight times are Sundays & Wednesdays at 2030 EST, with unofficial flights and training exercises throughout the week. Correspondence and planning are usually conducted via our Discord server.


The recruitment process consists of a probationary period where applicants will be given time to familiarize themselves with the squadron and the nature of our operations. Applicants are introduced to our training program which will allow them to build confidence in their airframe, and attain proficiency in our procedures. Once an applicant has become sufficiently acclimated to the environment and all parties involved have determined the applicant is a good fit, full membership will be granted. A good attitude and a team mindset are required.


Age 18+ required.


We encourage all who are interested to join us on our Discord server.



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