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Maybe this is new, but if I am not online (connected to the internet) my modules do not load. Isn't there a way for authentication to be stored locally, so I can still fly if my internet is down?

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Make a connection. Then switch yourself into offline mode at the top of the main screen. Then you will be in offline mode until you switch back.


If you don't do it this way you only have a couple of days of offline mode until it locks.

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Just checked mine (latest beta) and it allows you to go 72 hours between authentications. Been that way for a while now. As Paganus said, the other option is to go into offline mode.

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  • ED Team

if you loose a connection you have a 3 day period where you can use DCS


If you know you are going to be offline for a longer period go into offline mode, a connection is required to tell the master server you are going offline.




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