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145th PMC Group "WildDogs" Looking for Pilots

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So, after a massive falling out with the group I originally flew with, I started a new one. The Discord is still very much WIP, and we don't have a server setup yet, but it is on the road map. If you don't mind getting in on the ground floor of a DCS squadron, and don't mind flying with furs, then come join the 145th PMC Group: WildDogs! (the name comes from a line in Ace Combat Zero, "Let's hunt some wild dogs!"



For those wondering what happened, the short and bitter of it is that I was running a campaign where we were role-playing a PMC air force fighting for a country that found itself in a fairly major war. The guy who ran the group however, didn't like that the missions were hard, or that limits were placed on the kinds of weapons we could use (as we had a budget to worry about). After submitting the seventh mission to be put on the server, he decided to modify the file, and completely wrecked the mission. When I asked why he didn't use the original file, the response I got was "Because I don't trust you". This naturally set me off like TNT, and I left the Discord, as well as some others who were absolutely livid with his response and handling.



My group will never do this to anyone who wants to run a campaign. You design it, you run it. We will just host it. Think of it like D&D: We provide the table, you provide everything else. We will fly it as you design it, no one else will have a say in how your missions are built. No one will edit your missions unless you specifically give permission for that mission to be modified, and even then, it will be kept as close to the vision as possible.



We also have designs on doing some ArmA stuff as well, so, if you're interested, come join us.



Link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/gH7wRE6

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