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DCS BIOS COM 4 doesn't connect

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Hi all :)



I am starting to play with DCS-BIOS and an Arduino Uno board in order to create Course, Heading and radar alt commands for the F-14B



So I have a small setup with 3 rotary encoders and the followiing code:




#include "DcsBios.h"

/* paste code snippets from the reference documentation here */

DcsBios::RotaryEncoder pltHsdKnobCrs("PLT_HSD_KNOB_CRS", "-182", "+182", 2, 3);

DcsBios::RotaryEncoder pltHsdKnobHdg("PLT_HSD_KNOB_HDG", "-182", "+182", 4, 5);

DcsBios::RotaryEncoder pltRadarAltKnob("PLT_RADAR_ALT_KNOB", "-182", "+182", 6, 7);
DcsBios::Switch2Pos pltRadarAltBit("PLT_RADAR_ALT_BIT", 8);

void setup() {

void loop() {

The problem, I think, comes from is the COM 4 which stays in "connecting" state






So nothing occurs in DCS.



Any ideas ?

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I had the same problem last week with com 4 and com 5. After rebooting the PC, everything connected properly. I have 9 USB connections using the DCS BIOS Hub and this situation has only occurred once.


John W

aka WarHog.


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John Wall


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