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Entering MSL OVRD mode (Missile Override) does not put the FCR into ACM

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Steps to reproduce:



1. Use HOTAS command dogifght switch to enter Missile override mode



FCR should be in ACM but remains in CRM. Changing to ACM is possible but upon leaving MSL OVRD and returning, the FCR mode is back to CRM.

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That is proper operation, you want to put the Dogfight switch in Dogfight position (Aft).

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All three states AA/AAM, MSL OVRD/MSL, DGFT/DGFT are DTC independently programmable as to their initial "canned" configs on first selection. You can have DGFT select AIM-120 and ACM and MO AIM-9 and VSR if you want. Just change the data cartridge.


What I want to know is what of those 6 aspects (missile selection and radar config for each of the 3 modes) is "left left" and which are always set to the DTC prepared.

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