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41. Moved to FC3 and A-10 after some years with Falcon4.

i5 8400 | 32 Gb RAM | RTX 2080Ti | Virpil Mongoose T-50 base w/ Warthog & Hornet sticks | Warthog throttle | Cougar throttle USB | Virpil desk mount | VKB T-Rudder Mk IV | Oculus Rift S | Buddy-Fox A-10 UFC | 3 TM MFDs | Realteus ForceFeel | 2x bass shakers

FC3 - Warthog - F-5E - Harrier - Hornet - Tomcat - Huey - Viper - C-101 - NTTR - PG - Mi8 - SuperCarrier - Syria - Warthog II

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61, I've been playing with flight Sims since 1988.


Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk

Intel I9-10850K (OC @ 5.0ghz) │ Asus Maximus XII Hero │ G.Skill Ripjaws 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 3200 │ Thermaltake Water 360mm

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10gb │ 2TB M.2 EVO Pro; 1T M.2 EVO; Sandisk SSD Drives │ 3x Acer 28" │ 1x 28" Touchscreen
- ҉ - Blackshark Cockpit Trainer - ҉ -    Thread   | Download
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Former USN Avionics Tech

VF-41 86-90, 93-95

VF-101 90-93


Heatblur Tomcat SME


I9-9900K | Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra | 32GB DDR4 3200 | Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe | RTX 2070 Super | TM Throttle | VPC Warbird Base TM F-18 Stick

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39, been simming since the early '90s.

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Ryzen 9 5900X | 64GB G.Skill TridentZ 3600MHz CL16 | Gigabyte RX6900XT | ASUS ROG Strix X570-E GAMING | Samsung 960Pro NVMe 1TB | HP Reverb G2
Pro Flight Trainer Puma | TM Warthog (with custom spring, 10 cm extension, custom TDC, replacement pinky switch) on Wheelstand Pro | TPR rudder pedals

My in-game DCS settings (PD 1.0 SteamSS 76%):



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45 and counting.


The "bug" first started in 1988, with Spitfire 40 (from Mirrorsoft, on the ZX Spectrum), though the first time I felt trully immersed was with F-15 Strike Eagle III (from Microprose, on PC/DOS) in 1992 - that was pretty amazing then.

I've been intermittently on and off flight sims (sometimes years without flight simming) and I spent time with pretty much every known combat fight sim, but since 2014 to present it's been mostly DCS World.



Edited by LucShep

system specs:


Win10 Pro x64 | Intel i7 10700KF (all core OC 5.0GHz) | 32GB DDR4 (3466MHz CL16) | RX 5700XT 8GB (@ 2085/1820) | 256GB(OS) + 500GB SSDs | 1TB + 3TB HDDs | 650W PSU (Seasonic 80+Gold)
32'' 1080P 75Hz (IPS) | M-Audio USB + Samson SR850 |  T16000 stick + X52Pro throttle + TrackHat (w/OpenTrack)


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39 in December. LHX Attack Chopper was my first PC game as a little child and since then addicted to flight sims. Even while it was more like playing around without any clue, i'd say Microprose' F-14 Fleet Defender was my first true flight sim. Then went along with literally everything the market provided until the end of the golden flight sim age in the late 90's, Strike Commander, U.S. Navy Fighters, most of Jane's, all of the TFX titles, LOMAC and Falcon 4.0 just to name a few. But always playing other games too. DCS is installed since 2014, but was unable to get away from BMS until the DCS Hornet entered early access. Now DCS is my only flight sim and i rarely play other games.

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47 back in March, been into sims since the late 80's going from an MSX to an Amiga 500 and then a few PC upgrades since.

Hardware - Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7 4770 3.4Ghz, 32gb DDR3, Vega 56 8gb, 250gb SSD & 500gb M.2 SSD for DCS World, Dell VR headset, T.16000M FCS & TWCS Throttle.

Modules - A10C, A10C II, BS2, F16C, F/A18C, L-39, A10A, F15C, MIG 29, SU 33, Supercarrier

Maps - Nevada, Persian Gulf, Syria

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I’m 31

I'm 43 going on 12 :)

[...]Still suck at dogfighting, and consider myself lucky if 1/4 of my bombs take out any tanks/trucks instead of just leaving smoking holes in the dirt :)


and that’s how I will be some years from now :lol:


I started playing DCS in 2015. It all started with a question to myself: <<It’s Sunday, I don’t feel like going out... what can I do? Maybe I could learn something on the Internet... like... hey, I don’t know how to fly an airplane>>, so I started watching videos. Then I wondered whether there was a free flight simulator and which simulator was the most realistic...


My flightsim hobby actually had a chance to start way earlier. When I was something like 11 or 12 I was presented with the Jane’s F18 Super Hornet simulator but it was just too difficult and it was all in English, that I knew only at a basic level, so it just sat in a drawer for years. Back then Youtube didn’t exist; I didn’t even know the existence of the word “tutorial”. I wish someone thought me how to use it: I found it fascinating. Really, one of the things that I would teach myself if only I could go back in the past would be how to use that sim.

Planes: FC3, Spitfire, Harrier, F-14, F-18, MiG-21, Edge 540 - Helicopters: UH-1H, Mi-8 - Environments: Persian Gulf, Supercarrier

PC specs in the spoiler

I run DCS 2.5 using:

MasterWatt 550 semi-fanless and semi-modular,

core i7-3770 (4 cores @ 3.8 GHz) with 8 GB DDR3,

GTX1050 Ti (768 cores @ 1.8 GHz) with 4 GB GDDR5,

5.1 sound card,

240 GB SSD,

Windows 8.1,

T.16000M FCS Flight Pack (i. e. stick+throttle+rudder pedals),

opentrack head trakcer


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Im just gonna say under 18 and been playing DCS since 2018. Been (space)flight simming as a whole from like 2011 ish.

Eagle Enthusiast, Fresco Fan. Patiently waiting for the F-15E. Clicky F-15C when?

HP Z400 Workstation

Intel Xeon W3680(i7-980X) OC'd to 4.0 GHz, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SSC Gaming, 12 GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB Crucial MX500 SSD. Thrustmaster T16000M FCS HOTAS, DIY opentrack head-tracking. I upload DCS videos here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0-7L3Z5nJ-QUX5M7Dh1pGg


The Alamo Squadron is looking for dedicated Air-to-Air focused pilots

For more detailed recruiting information, see our forums.

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51 in a few weeks. Gawd...time flies

Asus Z370-E - 8700K@5G_delidded - 32GB - 1080GTX-Ti EK-waterblock - 1x 960Evo 250GB - 3x Samsung 850/860Pro 256GB Raid-0 - 1x Samsung 870 Evo 1TB - 2x Seagate 2TB - 32GB PageFile - Heatkiller IV - MoRa3-360LT@4x180mm fans - Corsair AXi-1200 - TiR5-Pro - Warthog Hotas - Saitek Combat Pedals - Asus PG278Q 27" QHD Gsync 144Hz - Win10Pro64 

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53...but I prefer to say I am 28 for the 25th time :D

Derek "BoxxMann" Speare

derekspearedesigns.com 20,000+ Gaming Enthusiasts Trust DSD Components to Perform!

i5-9600k 4.9g| GTX1080ti | 32gb Ram | 1TB NVME | CV1/DK2/2xWMR/Reverb | CH Pro Throt/Fighterstick Pro | 2 DSD Boxes

Falcon XT/AT/3.0/4.0 | LB2 | DCS | LOMAC
My Hangar: FC3 | F-16 | C101 | M2000 | Mi8 | UH1 | F86 | L39 | A10C | NTTR | F5E | F/A-18 | Harrier

Useful VR settings and tips for DCS HERE

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39. If I'm lucky enough to live next 39 years, I wonder what kind of PC and VR we have then :pilotfly:

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Asus Prime X570-P * Ryzen 5800X * RTX 3080 TUF OC * G.Skill 32GB DDR4 3600MHz * 2 x 256Gb M.2 * Samsung 850 EVO 512Gb SSD * Kingston HyperX 120Gb SSD * Corsair RM850x V2/2018 * HP Reverb G2 * CH Fighterstick/Pedals/Throttle

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50+, but mentally about 12. Hoping that if I keep with this thought I will never leave my first childhood so cannot reach my second one:lol:

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Windows 10 Home ¦ Z370 AORUS Gaming K3 motherboard ¦ i5-8600K oc to 4.3GHz ¦ 48GB Corsair PC4 memory @ 3000MHz ¦ Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD for OS, Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD for DCS ¦ ASUS ROG GTX 2060 Super 8GB ¦ Virpil WarBRD base with VFX grip, Thrustmaster A10c and F/A-18 grips ¦ VKB Gunfighter Mk2 and MCG ¦ Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle ¦ MFG Crosswinds ¦ Oculus Rift S

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