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RECRUITING: 48th Fighter Wing

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Join our discord! -



How we work:

The DCS 48th Fighter Wing is a group of pilots of beginner to intermediate skill. We love to fly together and host a monthly operation, lasting 1-2 hours. Each squadron will have an XO and CO that manage the squadron’s operations, and we also offer a simple rank system to encourage members to join in. We embrace a team mentality and want everyone to have fun and learn.



How we train:

We will train new recruits by simply involving them in operations, as well as taking them on training flights whenever they are requested. We realise this is a hobby, and try not to take ourselves too seriously. The ultimate goal is to provide a fun and semi-professional environment to train, fly and have fun, as well as making friends along the way.



The group is made up of 5 squadrons:



492nd - F-15C

493d - F-15C

494th - F-15C

509th - A-10 (all variants)



660th - SA342 Gazelle



To join the Wing, simply join our discord server - link at top of page - and follow the steps to join!



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