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[REPORTED]Texture Missing-Rocket Pod

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There was a thread on this very thing, reported a week ago. They moved it to the 3D objects and textures section.


Ahem....this is the 3D objects and textures section. The only other article on this topic

suggests removing user mods and running a cleanup & repair.

I did all that and this is the result.






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Same here

A Co, 229th AHB, 1st Cav Div

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Samsung 65" 4K Curved Display (Oculus Rift occaisionally), Track IR5, VoiceAttack, Baur's BRD-N Cyclic base/Virpil T-50CM Grip, UH-1h Collective by Microhelis & OE-XAM Pedals. JetSeat & SimShaker for Aviators.


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Two years ago today an update brought an overly glossy paint for the UH-1H. They never listened and they never did anything. I'm afraid this time it will be the same, we will have the rocket pods without paint for a long time and I hope I am wrong.


This has become: Pay for a product and solve the problems yourself.

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