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Night Vision Goggles

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I turned on the NVG for the first time and it appears too bright and blurry even with JVN on and all lights off. I compared to the Youtube preview from Razbam and it looks so nice.


See attached screenshots comparison. I can't find any switches to increase or decrease the gain. Can someone tell me what I'm getting is indeed normal?


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It's like that since new dcs lighting implemented in 2.5.6

All modules are impacted afaik but some give the option to tune the gain in the controls. Not the case for the mirage.

You do have a switch on right console that you can set to nvg, it will adjust some of the lighting for nvg use


You can also adjust HUD brigthness with the scroll wheel near the switch use to turn on HUD display

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Anyways, this is a good look at what a real cockpit looks by night when it has not been treated for NVGs.

Which is the case for most of the M2000Cs...

So quite realistic indeed.

IRL radar display lighting has to be put to the minimum to avoid too much disconfort. Same for white lights, only red and UVs are usable.

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NVGs are focused to optical infinity. They're pretty worthless for looking at instruments in your cockpit. Luckily your HUD is focused at infinity as well so you can see it clearly through your goggles. Too bad you can't look around them in VR, but the implementation of the NVGs as of now is way more realistic than it used to be.


EDIT: Turn down the brighness on your HUD. The bluriness is from the HUD blooming out your goggles. Set it to green if it defaults to red; red light is incompatible with NVGs

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Not possible in VR


Yeah, VR NVG's are the whole FOV which sucks.

New hotness: I7 9700k 4.8ghz, 32gb ddr4, 2080ti, :joystick: TM Warthog. TrackIR, HP Reverb (formermly CV1)

Old-N-busted: i7 4720HQ ~3.5GHZ, +32GB DDR3 + Nvidia GTX980m (4GB VRAM) :joystick: TM Warthog. TrackIR, Rift CV1 (yes really).

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The mini campagn from Baltic Dragon was really great to play with lot of NVG action when it sorted out. Now it's a real pain with the NVG update...

You can also turn the Jour/Nuit knob to decrease some luminosity (Autopilot lights, ...) and the RADAR display luminosity can be decreased too with the gears at the bottom of the display.

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