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“Joystick without springs and FFB” option


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Please please please don’t forget to add this to the Special\Mi-24P tab :thumbup:

(B/229) Razorback


Asus P6T Deluxe X58 | Intel i7 965 Extreme Edition @ 3,2Ghz | 24Gb DDR3 1333-999 | Toughpower 1500Watt | 1 x WD 300Gb, 1 x WD 2000Gb | Asus GTX1080 8Gb | Asus Xonar D2X | Windows 10 Pro x64 | HOTAS Cougar (heavily modified) | MFG Crosswind pedals | CH Throttle Quadrant | TrackIR5 | Oculus Rift CV1 | VoiceAttack with Vaicom Pro


B Co, 229th AHB, 1st Cav Div


Aviate Navigate Communicate

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Belsimtek won't forget, delayed perhaps, but ultimately Belsimtek know how to configure their choppers controllers.

HP pro Reverb.

Current settings:

Windows VR setting: IPD is 64.5mm, High image quality, 90Hz refresh rate.

Steam: VR SS set to 100%, motionReprojectionMode set to "motionreproduction" and Locked in at 45 Hz display,

DCS: Pixel Density 1.0, Forced IPD at 55 (perceived world size), 2 X MSAA, 0 X SSAA.

My real IPD is 64.5mm. Prescription VROptition lenses installed.

VR Driver system:

I9-9900KS 5Ghz CPU. XI Hero motherboard and 2080ti graphics card, 32 gigs Ram 3


[/code][/code][/code][/code]200 Hz. No OC at the mo.

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Easy hover mode and realistic mode option . 

AsRock Steel  - B450 ~ RyZen - 2600X @ 4.2 - GTX 1080 - HyperX 16 :GB @ 2400 - Win10 - 64bit Pro - T-50 Mongoose - CM2 Throttle - VKB T-bar Rudders - Trackir5 . I'm a dot .

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