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hi guys,

in dcs (menu and game) when i press left mouse click, the screen flash how it want resize itself or change resolution...this in game and in menu page..i tried to change res but it isnt this..

i restarted the game but it appens the same thingh

help me please...

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Have you a gsync monitor ?



Hydro H115i with 8700k @ 4,9 ghz all cores, Asus strix Z370 f, 32gb ddr4 3600Mhz, Asusrog swift 34 gsync ,Vr hp Reverb .Palit gaming pro 2080 ti Thrustmaster Warthog f18grip and th pedal

Steamvr ss 100% and dcs world ss 180%


tomcat eats the viper for breakfast :P

Lange lebe die Tomcat": Long live the Cat!

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