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Use the handy new right click tool to retrieve the object ID, then write a simple event handler to detect when it is destroyed.

StaticHandler = {}
function StaticHandler:onEvent(event)
if event.id == world.event.S_EVENT_DEAD and event.initiator:getName() == 72455195 then
trigger.action.setUserFlag('1', true) 

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Paste that text into a DO SCRIPT container, and replace the object and flag IDs with the desired value.


You can also create a .lua file using Notepad++ with that text, and use DO SCRIPT FILE instead.


Here's an example using a building at Sukhumi

Static Handler Example using DO SCRIPT.miz

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I think the buildings need to be more interactive, perhaps even making more building objects so you can build a small village of friendly and hostile buildings youself so you can attack on and not damage others.


Also, buildings that cars can enter, so perhaps a UAV tracking a UAZ or Ural triggers to attack this building in so many minutes before the target leaves.


I suppose a mission scripter could have a checkpoint defended by Bluefor with attacking Redfor who they need defend or resupply with troops in helo mission...


I just think the aircraft are solid, the weapons are awesome but the ground interaction is somewhat missing for us CAS and Ground Pounders!

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