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Are you looking to up your realism game in DCS? TAW DCS's EU-based JTF-88 battalion has you covered!


Founded in autumn 2018, we in the JTF-88 strive to create the most realistic and immersive experience for our pilots.




Take part in a brand new, handcrafted campaign mission every weekend!

Our Field Specialist team consists of multiple mission story writers and mission engineers, trained to create realistic combat scenarios with immersive progression!




Fly in a package of multiple flights, with flights of different aircraft types in order to execute a well-planned and briefed sortie!

Our missions are heavy on teamwork, with flights often depending on each other's support.




Overcome challenges with careful planning, well honed tactics, and clockwork precision!

We train hard - our pilots come well prepared and bring their top game for both training sessions and mission sorties.




Train, fly and make friends with like-minded enthusiasts, many of whom come from a military or aviation background!




Event Times


Weekly Mission Events are held on SUNDAYS @ 1945 CE(S)T

(Summer Time 1745Z, Winter Time 1845Z)


Weekly Training Sessions are held on THURSDAYS @ 2030 CE(S)T

(Summer Time 1830Z, Winter Time 1930Z)




  • All members are required to be pro-active, this includes reading documents and perfecting individual skills outside of official events.
  • Extensive knowledge of the chosen aircraft’s navigation, combat and weapons systems.
  • Ability to fly formation and execute air-to-air refueling in a reliable manner.
  • Ability to speak and understand proficient English and brevity.
  • Ability to execute VFR departure and arrival procedures, in addition to Case I carrier launch and recovery procedures, in case of carrier-based aircraft.


You will also need to own:

  • The Syria & Persian Gulf maps.
  • TrackIR, VR or other head tracking solution.
  • Supercarrier, if you plan to fly the F-14B or F/A-18C
  • One of the full fidelity modules listed below.


Squadrons Currently Recruiting


Land-based fixed-wing:

  • A-10C :: 25th Assam Draggins
  • F-16C :: RNLAF 313th Tigers



  • F-14B :: VF-103 Jolly Rogers
  • F/A-18C :: VMFA-212 Lancers
  • AV-8B N/A :: VMA-231 Ace of Spades



  • Ka-50 :: 7th Squadron 17th Cavalry Regiment ( In place of future OH-58 )
  • SA342 :: 7th Squadron 17th Cavalry Regiment ( In place of future OH-58 )




Reach out to us on our [Discord Server] with any questions, or check out our [Website]!

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