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A/G mode what happend to Air Radar?

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When in A/G mode I USED to like changing from the air to ground radar to the air to air radar by selecting the ATK RADAR soft key (I think that's what it's called or close). But then it seemed you weren't able to go back to the ground radar as it just always went to air radar...


Now I can't get the air radar to come up while in a/g mode it always goes to air to ground radar. Why would I want that? More for SA then anything, I like the ability to see on my radar what my SA page is telling me so I can quickly acquire someone harassing my bomb runs.


Was it incorrect behaviour before... or now?



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When the radar page switches to SURF mode when A/G master mode is selected, you can press the OSB on the left side labeled AIR to switch it back.


cool thanks i'll give that a go

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