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KA-50 / Field of View / 3 screen setup

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Hello together.


I have a problem with the KA-50 view in my 3-screen-setup.


Before the last patch, I pressed the ENTER-Button and I was in the perfect view to fly.

The front view was from the compas to the bottom of the abris.

(how it should be)

The screen left an right was the left and right window of the KA-50.

(4400x1080 - 1 screen)





Since the last patch, this does not work any more.

I tried to slew the seat back, I zoomed max out, ... nothing worked.

I can´t zoom out enough and I can´t go back enough with the seat.


My view is from the top of the HUD to the top of the abris.






What should I do?



Is there any button or axis i need?



Does anyone have a working 3 screen LUA for me?

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