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In mission 6 you have to hookup cargo, but right after you take off, it tells me to land again because there is something with the cable.

At that point the base gets attacked.

One of the attacking vehicles explodes, the other just sits there at the gate. An apache flies around somewhat until it hits a tree and explodes too.


Now I know (via YouTube) that the 2nd vehivle is to explode and a lot of groundtroops are to attack the base, which I have to defend, but that doesn't happen. Nothing happens. I can shoot the 2nd vehicle myself but still nothing happens...

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So this mission has been fixed but NOW I am experiencing another bug. **Potential Spolier** It appears the door gunners/co pilot gunner won't engage the infantry that spawn to attack the base. I have tried the Huey in multiplayer and the door gunners/co pilot gunnery works there. Its strange because they won't engage the targets within a few hundred meters of the helo, but they will try and fling rounds waay off at some mortar site away from the base. :helpsmilie:

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