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Powered USB Hub - Thought and experiences please

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TL : DR Will a 10 or 2x 5 port powered USB hub work faultlessly with all my sim gear or will it cause issues?


Longer Explanation


Im finally looking at upgrading my rig later this year. CPUs and GPUs aside one of my big issues is all the stuff out front in terms of controllers. I dont have a dedicated room to game and am usually sat taking up valuable real estate in my tiny front room. OK when im doing stuff but less so when Im not.


I currently have 10 indivdual items for simming that plug into the PC. Thats 10 USB cables trailing over the floor and 10 cables that I need to manage and unplug/plug into if I want to store the Wheelstand Pro its all mounted on (no easy task in itself).


So Id like to streamline it all to have a single HUb mounted on the wheelstand and a single cable leading to the PC along side a single power cord. My concern is that 10 things going into a single hub will simply be too much and cause issues.


Any and all advice, recommedations and experience welcome.





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Well, just don't purchase a cheap china USB Hub. In terms of quality, these are exactly what you would expect from average china products. These can also cause issues up to damaging your mainboard. If you want something good, you'll propably have to spend 50-100 €uros for a 10x USB Hub, i guess. I have a TP Link 7x USB wich was at about 40-45 Euros back when i purchased it. I'm currently running WinWing throttle + startup panel, 3x Cougar MFDs, TPR pedals and Virpil T-50 base on it without any issues. But generally speaking, a PCI controller card with additional USB ports is better IMO, although it does not fit your needs.



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Bought this one over a year ago. It works great with all my controllers and it is metal :thumbup:


I use it for everything in my signature + a G25 wheel, except for my Reverb.

System specs:


i7-8700K @stock speed - GTX 1080TI @ stock speed - AsRock Extreme4 Z370 - 32GB DDR4 @3GHz- HP Reverb v2 - Saitek Pro pedals - TM Warthog HOTAS - TM F/A-18 Grip - TM Cougar HOTAS (NN-Dan mod) & (throttle standalone mod) - Pointctrl & aux banks <-- must have for VR users!! - Andre's SimShaker Jetpad - Fully adjustable DIY playseat - VA+VAICOM


~ No war today... the enemy just called in sick ~ GUMMBAH

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