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Tower doesn't recognised that I landed

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If I land at an airport, or on the super carrier to do just touch an goes, I longer get any menu options to talk to the tower after landing. All I get is the option to return to the "Parent Menu" when I contact the tower. BUT if I shut down the plan and then rearm and refuel, then I get the option to request start up and every thing works normally.


When landing at an airport, I'm told to taxi to parking, but when I taxi to a parking slot, I still only get the option to return to the "Parent Menu". The airport is configured as a friendly in the mission editor.


What am I doing wrong or missing?

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Have you ever considered VAICOM/Voice Attack? It bypasses the radio menu and talks directly with DCS, so you can say anything whenever you want.

The radio menu is a little strange sometimes, because it depends on where you are and what you are doing.



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