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Hi Flyers,


I am a brand new flyer and just joined the club recently. So DCS world is free for downloading which is including with 2 airplanes A-10C and SU-25T with Caucasus map. As the matter fact, I would like to know that is there limitation playing these planes and map? the reason I ask that when I cold started A-10 and pulling out from parking bay, I couldn't steer the plane to the runway or trying taking off from other mission the plane is just veering off the course, OR something wrong with my TM Hotas Warthog. Anyone has any idea? please be adviced, thanks.

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A-10C is not a free module, its T-51 and Su-25, but assuming you have A-10C, you will need to map your rudder somewhere to be able to steer on the ground. The Thrustmaster Warthog doesnt have a rudder function, You probably want to look at your axis assignment and figure out what you have to each function.

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