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PSA: VR-friendly Prop Mod breaks textures

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Just a PSA for other VR fliers using the VR-friendly prop mod.


The mod breaks main tire textures, side number and tail number textures, and in the case of the "early" variant, the entire empennage texture.


Cause: The texture mod replaces all texture files, some of which have been renamed in subsequent updates, instead of only replacing the prop texture files.

YouTube Channel: "Clutch"


Z390 Aorus Elite | i5-9600k @4.7Ghz | RTX2070 | 32GB DDR4 | Windows 10 | Odyssey Plus | Warthog HOTAS | 20cm Extension

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Yeah, ED should really fix the propellers on their end.

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I could no longer withstand the annoying prop effect.  So I went ahead and updated a personal version of this mod.   I made a copy of the existing DCS P-47 data from the coremods & textures.  Made a copy of anything that looked like a prop file from the original VR friendly mod, and copied them into a new P-47 texture zip...   Via the magic of JSGME, it's working fine.  Much better to fly the Jug now, and no issues with any of the other textures...


I spend 99% of my time flying SP, so no idea as of yet if I'd have impact via MP.

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra, i7-9700k (4.9ghz all cores), NH-D15 cooler, 64 GB CL-14 3200mhz RAM, RTX3090FE, Soundblaster Z, Yamaha 5.1 A/V Receiver, 2x 512GB Samsung NVMe, 1x 1TB Samsung NVMe, 2TB Samsung SSD, Win 10 Pro, TM Warthog, Virpil WarBRD, MFG Crosswinds, 43" Samsung 4K TV, 21.5 Acer VT touchscreen, TrackIR, JetSeat KW-908, Reverb G2, Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog, Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Case, Seasonic Prime 750W Titanium PW Supply, PointCTRL, Buttkicker 2 , K-51 Helicopter Collective Control

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