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Understanding the A10C HOTAS is like learning to configure Windows 95

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I've never understood how people can use such unnatural device as trackIR. Naturally, eyes lead head rotation, while with track IR they are stationary, or even worse moving to the opposite side. :dunno:


I wasn't sure at first so I used FreeTrack with a webcam and a small torch taped to the peak of a baseball cap.


Within minutes I knew that head tracking was a game changer and have never looked back since buying TrackIR 5 Pro :joystick:


Actually "never looked back" is a poor choice of words.. I look back quite comfortably in the sim now!

"We could come back with hydraulics shot out, half the tail shot off, piece of the wing shot off, we had two engines and could come home with one... She really was a piece of machinery that you could fly into hell and back... And she was designed around that gun from day 1"

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