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Activate Units for every Pilot that enters a Trigger Zone.

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sorry, couldn't figure out a better title for the thread and it got longer than I anticipated. haha. So here's the basic run down of what I'm trying to accomplish. I've made a mission for myself and my friends to fly around in and do some various "training scenarios" and one of the locations is some ground targets. (Gotta learn how to use those new HARM's on the F-16. ) I've created a couple sets of ground targets that can spawn in a given area given the proper conditions.


The idea is, and what I'm having troubles with, is I have a Trigger Zone that, once you've flown into the trigger zone a group of ground units (A SAM site in this case) will be activated that can be engaged. That part I can get to work, no issue. What I'd like to have happen after that is the tricky part I'm having issue with.


I'd like to make it so when one of my friends flies into the same trigger zone, another set of ground units gets activated/spawned (in the same area for this map) Also generally pretty easy if it weren't for a little kicker: There are multiple aircraft that we can chose from to fly. (some days I want to practice the A-10, or F-18, same with my friend) I feel like I could maybe get it to work with a bunch of "or" conditions that just said, "F-16 grp, or f-18 grp or a-10 grp, or...ect" and do that for each possible jet we could fly, but it seems like there's got to be an easier way to accomplish this.


What I'd like to do is some sort of like "pilot 1 enters the trigger zone" condition. then have like a "pilot 2 enters trigger zone" condition. so forth and so on for each of the humans that might be flying the mission. Activating additional preset targets each time a new pilot enters the trigger zone. Is there any way to accomplish this that I'm missing? Or is that starting to get into coding territory?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Just for a follow up of some of the things I've attempted so far: I tried something that said:


  • Trigger: Once - "part of coalition inside Zone - blue" It would increment a specific flag by 1. (in this case Flag 3, incremented by 1)
  • Then have another condition that said "when flag 3 =1, activate a group." The SAM group in this case.
  • Then another rule that said:
  • Trigger: Once - "part of coalition inside Zone - blue": Flag Increase (3, 1) (in theory putting flag 3 to a value of 2)
  • And a trigger that said when flag 3 = 2, Activate another ground group.


so forth and so on.


Something seems to go wrong though when I test it out. for some reason when I fly into the trigger zone, it's counting my being inside the zone more than once. and flag 3 automatically goes to a value of 2. (possibly higher, but I'm not sure. all I know is the second group of ground units gets activated as well. which I don't want)

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Unit in zone should work as well? Never tried it in MP, but I'm assuming it will, just make sure each unit that is set to client has a unit in zone condition assigned with a corresponding group activation action.


BreakneckPace it sounds like the issue you have is that you have two identical triggers looking at the exact same condition, when you enter the zone they are both firing simultaneously. You would need to add another condition to make it work and differentiate between the triggers.

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I CAN get it to sort of work with "unit inside zone" the only issue is then the condition is super long with a long list of all the available units to fly separated by a bunch of "or"'s. (Since the mission is made up of a few different aircraft you can practice with, plus some multiples of them in case more than one person wants to practice with that craft.) then I have to do that multiple times for every additional pilot that might enter the zone.


I was just hoping for a more simplified way to achieve this. just like a "player A enters the zone" then "Player B enters the zone" so forth and so on, that sort of thing

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Unfortunately I'm not sure there is a simple way without scripting. And if you don't know scripting its definitely not simple!


The only other thing I can think to try, and it might not work but is worth a try is to add an additional variable into the trigger and use switched conditions to make them repeatable. Something like:


SWITCHED CONDITION - Part of Coalition in zone - flag 1 ON

SWITCHED CONDITION - Flag 1 ON - Flag 2 increase 1

SWITCHED CONDITION - Time Since flag 1, 5 seconds - flag 1 off

ONCE - flag 2 = whatever - Group Activate ...you'll need lots of versions of this trigger.


This way flag 1 is responsible for increasing the value of flag 2, and you can set flag 2 to activate units as it equals 1,2,3,4 and so on. The only thing I'm not sure of here is the initial zone for coalition aircraft, I think if you make this small enough so that units pass through it and exit again (like a gateway waypoint into the battlespace) then it should work, if the zone is too big so that the player units are always occupying it then you might run into some issues as I'm not sure that after the trigger resets if it will detect the original unit again.

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