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F/A-18C Xbox One controller bindings tutorial

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Hey all, here's a video I put together in an attempt to address one of the bigger problems with DCS - the HOTAS barrier to entry. We all know it's generally believed that a good DCS pilot needs to have a proper HOTAS system, but this preconceived notion could drive a lot of potential DCS players away the moment they realize they'll be spending literally hundreds of dollars in a "free" game.


I'm hoping that with this tutorial video, it will break through the hardware barrier and allow even more people access to this notoriously inaccessible game/simulator. Let me know what you think and I'll keep suggestions in mind for the next video.




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This is something I have been doing for years now.  I work away a lot and it is obviously not desirable to travel with a full set of HOTAS/Rudder controls.  The XBox controller is very versatile and with the use of a couple of buttons as modifiers you can incorporate a decent amount of binding combinations, not to mention two sticks so primary flight controls are covered, as well as Tpod/Radar cursor control.  I actually find flying the Mi-8 easier with the Xbox controller than I do with my TM Warthog.


In VR it is doubly useful as buttons mapped as LMB/RMB mean you just need to look at the control to interact with it so the only controls which really need to be on the controller are those common HOTAS functions.


This is an example of my setup for the Viper, though it will need tweeks as the module if updated further and further functionality is added.  I have tried to keep certain controls common across modules, so the countermeasure dispense or radio PTT are the same button for simplicity.


Screenshot 2020-12-16 160054.png



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