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Hi, just wondering if anything like this has ever been made, or if anyone could point me towards where to learn how to make it myself?


Basically, I'd like to have a menu option to request that a carrier (or air base) launch a tanker that starts heading my way, and then turns back towards home when within, say, a few miles of me.


I know tanker position and timing can be controlled via the mission editor, but I've seen a couple times in complex missions where things don't go as planned. The most recent one was a Liberation mission to which I added an S-3 tanker from the boat to orbit about halfway home from my target. Would have worked well... but a couple AI flights decided to plug it before I got there and drained it, and it RTB'd. Barely made it back aboard.


I'm aware of the excellent Moose Recovery Tanker script, but I'm imagining more of an on-demand option via the F10 menu that requests the boat or an air base to launch a backup tanker to rendezvous with me, vs just orbiting the boat or base.


Anything like that exist? Too complex to be worthwhile?



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In the ME, load a triggers called MIST -> ACTIONS -> LOAD SCRIPT... MIST.LUA (you can find the topic of MiST on the ED forum)


you need to place a Tanker over the map, name it TEXACO and setup frequency/Tacan etc


The you need to add two more triggers’s actionIMG_1568.thumb.JPG.6a77b275a6d94f079811dd49aa16c354.JPGIMG_1567.thumb.JPG.682abc5f7f58c9760f363dcc046fff20.JPG




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Thanks, that's a good starting place. What I'm really after is not only spawning a unit, though, but doing so on demand and then having it come to join with me, instead of flying a preplanned route. Is that possible?


If you know how to script in lua, I can give you how I woudl do it.


- Aircraft in carrier with late activation

- Radio menu to activate a trigger.


This trigger will do...


1. Aircraft activation.

2. Create and add a WP with your position at the present moment.

3. Start detecting if you are at the desired range.

4. once you are, make another to the opposite way.


So, you would need to know how to add waypoints, get unit positions and some trigonometrics.

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