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Allied Air Command Recruiting

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Allied Air Command is DCS multiplayer group. We base our wing structure off of a multi-national force. Currently we only represent the USAF and USMC, but as we grow other nations forces can be represented. We strive to maintain fun while still offering challenging training and flying along with team based custom PVE missions. Each squadron has one training night per week and we have one wing level mission per week. All of our training and mission times are based off of U.S. Eastern.


Currently we have 3 active squadrons. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531 "Grey Ghosts"(F/A-18C), 77th Fighter Squadron "Gamblers"(F-16C) and 75th Fighter Squadron "Tiger Sharks"(A-10CII).



Syria Map, Super Carrier if flying F/A-18C


Training times:

VMFA-531: Tuesdays 2000 EST

77th Fighter Squadron: Sundays 1200 EST

75th Fighter Squadron: Tuesdays 2000 EST


Mission Time:

Saturdays 1700 EST

Discord @ https://discord.gg/ZGRFWmx

Website : http://www.alliedaircommand.com/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/RecruitmentAIRCOM

Public MP Server: AlliedAirCommand

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